Microsoft’un şablonlar bölümündeki 96 örnek MS Project şablonu için buraya tıklayınız. Diğer şablonlar aşağıdadır;

Website Development
ERP Deployment Template
Marketing campaign planning (2007)
Marketing event planning and execution (2007)
IT Software Development Project
Project Management Office (PMO) Setup
Project management plan
Software development plan
Software Development Project Plan

Annual report preparation (2007)
Audit preparation process
Banking Services RFP Preparation
Business Case Development Project Plan
Business Requirements Reengineering Project Plan
Commercial construction project plan
Construction Schedule
Contingency Risk Management Plan
Customer feedback monitoring (2007)
Customer Service Model Business Reengineering Project Plan
Customer service ramp up (2007)
Develop skills needs – hiring plan – hiring forecast (2007)
Direct mail marketing campaign plan
Direct marketing program (2007)
Electromechanical Systems Project
Electronic Government (E-Gov) project (2007)
Engineering project plan
EVA Example Project Plan
Evaluating offshoring strategy for HR functions (2007)
External technical readiness training (2007)
Finance and accounting system implementation (2007)
Hiring a Consultant Project Plan
Home move plan
Human resource information system implementation (2007)
Human Resources interview plan
Infrastructure deployment plan
Insurance claim processing (2007)
Internal readiness training (2007)
ISO 9001 management review (2007)
Financial service offering launch (2007)
IT governance deployment plan (2007)
JPACE Project Plan
Managing incoming request for quotes (RFQs) (2007)
Marketing seminar plan
Microsoft Solutions Framework application development project plan
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services deployment
New product launch (2007)
New Product Plan
Object Oriented Project Template (within .zip file from
Office move plan
Performance reviews (2007)
PMBOK in MS Project
Post request for proposal process (2007)
Post-manufacturing customer service planning (2007)
Pre-request for proposal process (2007)
Preparation of an opening balance sheet at the date of transition to IFRS (2007)
Primary market research schedule
Product development planning (2007)
Product evaluation post launch (2007)
Project management institute process (2007)
Projects in controlled environments methodology (2007)
Residential construction project plan
Residential Construction Schedule
Secondary market research schedule
Security infrastructure improvement plan (2007)
Software Bug Fix
Software localization plan
Software Release Life Cycle WBS
SOX compliance and technology options (2007)
Strategic merger or acquisition evaluation (2007)
Tradeshow planning, execution and wrap-up (2007)
Training rollout initiative
Vendor evaluation and consolidation (2007)
Vendor request for proposal (RFP) solicitation (2007)
Wedding planner (2007)
Wine tasting fundraiser

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