Program Süreç Haritası

Program Yönetimi Süreç

Program Management Processes

The Standard for Program Management, Second Edition (2006)

The Standard for Program Management, Third Edition (2013)

The Standard for Program Management – Third Edition Update

PgMP Handbook

PMI Dokümanları – Türkçe-İngilizce


An Ah-ha Moment

An Engineer in Charge of Marketing

Asleep at the Wheel

Delivering the Whole Solution at Nike

Do You Agree with This Portfolio Verdict?

From the Design Room to the Showroom

Knowing the Numbers

Mars Climate Orbiter

My Job Was to Integrate Two Cultures

Origins of Program Management

Playing a Game of Catch up

Program Management in Practice Keytron Goes Global

Program Management in Practice: Program Management Goes to University

Surviving the Program from Hell

The Battle of Powerville Rollercoaster History

The Leadership Story of a World Class Program Manage

The Russians Join Us Late at Night


GUIDELINES FOR MANAGING PROGRAMMES – Understanding programmes and Programme Management (NOVEMBER 2010)

Program Metrics

Measures of Project Management Performance and Value


Implementing Program Management – Templates and Forms Aligned with the Standard for Program Management -Third Edition (2013)and Other Best Practices

Program Management For Improved Busıness Results – Second Edition – Russ J. Martinelli, James M. Waddell, Tim J. Rahschulte

Project Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards – H. Kerzner (Wiley, 2011)


GAPPS (2011)  – A Framework for Performance Based Competency Standards for Program Manager

A Framework for Performance Based Competency Standards for Program Managers

STANDARDS MAPPING OVERVIEW  – GAPPS Framework for Project Managers  Nov 2006 (Unit and Element Level)

Program Typology


Program Yönetimi – Eğitim – Şablon

Program Yönetimi – Eğitim – Proje Şablonu

Program Yönetimi – Şablon – Excel – TAM

Program Yönetimi – Şablon – Başlıklar ve Liste

Program Yönetimi Metodoloji Geliştirme Başlıkları

Örnek Program – MS Project

Örnek Araçlar

Program Manager Competency


Program Yönetimi – Eğitim Sunumu – .pptx

Applying Lean Principles to Program Management

“Achieving Business Results through Program Management” Russ Martinelli and Jim Waddell


Program Management – Manual MercyCorps


Benefits Management and Benefits Realisation – Literature Report

Estimation: The Politics of Program Management

Let’s Build a “Program”

Opportunity Analysis Under Strategic Program Management

Notes on program/project benefıts, outcomes and outputs

Perspectıves on program/project stakeholder and benefıts management

A multi-project perspective on program management

Adding Marketing Perspectives to Program/Project Management

Identıfyıng/verıfyıng customers’ needs before specıfyıng product/servıce requırements ın the program/project context

Notes on ProgramProject Governance

Identıfyıng And Classıfyıng Program/Project Stakeholders

Program and Agile Management Two birds of a feather

Enterprise IT Program Integration Management Framework

IT – Project and Program Management-Best Practices

Ek Dokümanlar

Program Yönetimi Metodolojisi – Başlıklar

Proje Yönetim Ofisi – Sorumlulukları

Dashboard – Örnekler





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