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Sınavı kazanan birinin notlarını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz;

– Delegation
– Organization types and the difference between each area
– Difference between NPV & EMV
– If you need to select a resource, which one of this to select: 1 resource working in task with 4 free float OR another working in a task with 0 free float and 4 Total float (I select the first choice)
– Description of many techniques and you select the proper one (e.g.: networking, pre-assignment, screening, Bid Conference, weighing, independent estimate, Delphi , brain storming, analogous (Top-Bottom) , Bottom-up, Parametric (Inch/Hr, Dollar/Mt), ground rules, etc)
– The exam concentrates on many questions on EV, CV, SV, EAC & EMV
– The exam concentrates on the cultural difference and culture chock
– The leadership style and which is better in initiation as example. They mention Authoritative & Legitimate as leadership style
-The relation between uncertainty and Stake (amount at stake = Impact)
– The value of scope verification if you close the contract in the middle of the project is to measure how far the product is completed.
– The network diagram used FS relation but with lag duration, it means that the successor not start immediately after the predecessor but after the lag duration. Also it used SS relation.
– One question about GERT which is related with looping relation
– One question was related to objective and answer was that it is quantifiable
– Questions about Cost of quality, Pareto, Control Chart, Trend analysis, Flowchart was existing
– Many questions are describing situation and asking ‘In which stage are you now?’, the answer may QA , QC , Scope verification, Select sellers, Waiting for seller response,…etc.
– Question was related to virtual team, and another was asking about what is not a motivational agent in the choice
– Another question was checking a situation and if it is a breach to code of conducts PMI or code of conduct of PMBOK®, or code of Ethics
– Another one was about protecting intellectual property and sensitive information of the client
– Try to know the difference between Statement of Work and Project Scope statement
– Different type of questions was bout what was needed (as input) to avoid being in this problem
– Try to concentrate on the steps of dealing with problems (Evaluate, create impact, Team buy-in, customer buy in). The sequence is very important
– Some general knowledge questions, one was asking what is the benefit to know a second language.
– One question was asking about the type of risk raised after implementation a mitigation solution ‘Is it residual or secondary?’ (Try to know the difference)
– Performance reporting & information distribution

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